Seminario Bíblico William Carey

A solid, biblical education is essential to spreading the Gospel.  Before, during and after a new church is planted, equipping individuals must take place for the work to grow and multiply. This training and equipping is an important aspect of Crecer.    However, South America has shortage of schools teaching conservative, biblical theology.  For this reason, Seminario Biblico William Carey was founded in 2009, in downtown Cordoba, Argentina.

Today, 130 students from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Cuba are taking seminary courses online.  Most students work a part-time of full-time job while they complete their theological education.  They are developing a biblical foundation for opportunities as God leads, while influencing their current occupation.  The impact is both immediate and future!

The seminary has a growing curriculum of classes to equip students. It is attracting the attention of several schools in the United States who are looking for opportunities to immerse their students in multi-cultural opportunities.  Due to the added interest in its curriculum, Seminario Carey is forming strategic ministry alliances with two seminaries in the United States and is beginning the process of working toward accreditation.

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Help provide Biblical Training with scholarships for students in need. We are asking God to provide 200 scholarships at $50. This scholarship helps with tuition and book fees.

To give students access to computers and personal help while they work toward their degree, Crecer is wanting to fund two study centers–in Tucumán and Southern Chile ($7,500 for each study center).


William Carey is known as the Father of Modern Missions. He understood that obedience to the Great Commission required the use of contemporary means. In the same way that Carey used the printing press to further the Gospel, Seminario Bíblico William Carey uses internet technology to train the missionaries of tomorrow.

Through e-technology, gifted professors connect with students across Latin America. While still ministering in their local churches, students receive an academically rigorous grounding in Reformed theology, and with the support of local mentors and online tutors, they receive guidance that is immediately applicable to their ministries. Through streaming online videos, social media, and cutting edge course management programs, students from Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, and Peru become members of an international community centered on the faithful ministry of the Word of God.

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